Sunday, March 22, 2015

Writer Problems

What are some of the biggest challenges you face while writing?

I think most would agree that TIME is a big factor. We carve it out, steal it, sacrifice it, the works. All in a desperate attempt to make something with words.

This week, I invested more time in my kiddos than in my writing. I'm pretty proud of that, not because I swapped out being Awesome Mom for Working Writer, but because I know that time is a precious gift, our greatest commodity, something we can give and something we never get back.

I also invested in a writing workshop on Saturday. There's nothing like meeting and connecting with writers. We are an interesting bunch. I learned a lot, survived accidentally going down a one way street the wrong way (isn't writing like that sometimes?), and endured some harsh but needed feedback on a chapter.

Even so, I made progress on my WIP.

Word Count: 13, 321

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