Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Warrior Writer

'How are you feeling about your writing this week?'
(via The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards)

The self-defeating attitude can be a fierce warrior, just as a mild confidence can lull us into complacency. Each day is a battle between the two extremes for writers, right? Sometimes we peck away at our keyboards, flying high and so proud we’ve carved out writing time for the day, only to glance at our words and think, “This is garbage! No one will ever read or buy this!” The secret to winning the war is not to give up. Anyone can quit, let those nagging doubts prevails. But that’s not us. Let’s stand firm and cling to our goals. Plus, why not encourage other writers you know? How, you may ask. Simple. Check in with your writer pals, see how the WIP is going. Spend some time brainstorming with other writers, or talking about the latest trends in marketing. Only writers can understand and relate to other writers. Publishing is a strange game where the rules and design are ever-changing. So the fact of the matter is, whether we’re having a ‘genius’ day or ‘fraud’ moment, we need each other. The world of publishing makes no promises when it comes to fame and success, but that should never keep us from being devoted to our craft and telling the best story we can.
Word Count on the WIP: 20, 878 

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